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Clarksville Community Park

 We have received a $25,000 HealthFirst for Clinton County Grant for the partial renovation of the old Clarksville basketball court which will begin in the fall.  We will be applying for additional grants and looking for other funding sources to help fund this project to optimal completion. Presently, we are getting quotations for asphalt and concrete paving, basketball, volleyball and pickleball equipment, lighting and striping. We would like to thank the Clarksville area community for their continued support of our projects.  I

If you would like to help, please consider donating.  You can donate via paypal or mail checks to PO Box 6, Clarksville OH 45113

Basketball court conceptualization.jpg

Clarksville Basketball Court Restoration

This above picture is a conceptual drawing of the anticipated outcome.   The FOC has been researching and working on this project for over 2 years to make sure that we bring to the community the best restoration result.   Our team has met with consultants to give us a realistic achievable design based on the actual size  (61 x 91) of the court and location.   Based on community desire and need, we are excited to offer a Pickleball option as well in the form of a retractable net and professional stripping.    We are looking to get designated organizations involved in setting up teams and coaching opportunities for the youth of the community.

These pictures and drone footage show the current condition of the court.   The concrete is beyond repair and will need to be completely removed in order to restore to a level playable field.   We are currently seeking quotes for both concrete (first choice) and asphalt (more budget friendly).   The poles and rims will need to be replaced with commercial grade products to withstand the weather.    Most of the fencing should be salvageable.  We are also looking into commercialized lighting to offer safety for late night play.   With the  award of the $25,000 Health First Grant, you will begin to see progress this spring as this first phase of the court repair begins. There are time limits in which the grant must be used to ensure accountability. 


We are so happy to be recipients of the Health First Grant to bring wellness to the community.   HealthFirst supports organizations and initiatives that promote the good health of residents in Clinton County, Ohio through education, innovation, and patient care support. Education initiatives supported by HealthFirst address individual and community wellness and health awareness through direct outreach and creative communication about nutrition, emergent health issues, disease prevention or management, and other similar topics. For those who want to know more about the Health First Grant process you can go to

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