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You  can help Save The Jail and receive this totally cool T-shirt.  It's a win Win!

Our goal is to raise $150,000.00 for complete restoration of the Jail.   We know that $150,000 seems like a lot of money but it is our goal to bring this close to a historically correct finish.  The 6 big arch windows are proving to be a challenge to our budget, Good News!  We are a third of the way there.  So far we have raised a little over $50,000 in monetary and in-kind donations towards our goal.   We do factor the in-kind donation of labor into this.   We have put up a thermometer outside the jail so that everyone can measure our progress.

Please consider to help restoration of the 1880 Historic Mayor's Prison.  This is one of the oldest standing jails in the state of Ohio.   


You are helping to preserve a piece of Ohio history for future generations.  

You can make
history come to life!
Your partnership with the Friends of Clarksville will save the jail and ensure that your kids and family will keep this unique piece of history intact. 
Please consider giving because the community
needs your help!
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You can also send checks to:
Friends of Clarksville
PO Box 6
Clarksville, OH 45113

Friends of Clarksville wants to assist the Village of Clarksville in renovating the Historic Mayor's Office and Prison.   

Built in 1880 and one of the oldest remaining jails in Ohio makes this structure a very important piece of Ohio history.   It is the vision of the Friends group to make this a focal point for the community of Clarksville. A place to connect with others and share Clarksville's rich connection to the early settlers, railroad, underground railroad and progress of Clinton County and Ohio.

For those of us who value history and community connections, this building could house artifacts giving us a look into our rich heritage and how Clarksville was formed.  It will be a meeting place for newly forming community groups who are committed to the well being of the community. The history will blend it's artifacts with current art and culture bringing the building to life with new vigor and a relevant function for today. It is the belief that this will create connections to build a stronger foundation to  preserve our future.  

An overdue Restoration

jsl repair of roof.jpg

Getting a New Roof 

a new roof.jpg

 Job well done by
JSL Home Repair

brick being worked on.jpg

Getting a Facelift from DIBS LLC

Before Renovation

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