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Clarksville Community Park

The Friends of Clarksville would like to thank everyone who helped to restore the basketball court to a fabulous safe place to play for youth and adults alike.   Without your help and heart for community, this dream would have never "resurfaced".   Don't let anyone ever tell you that it can't be done; this is living proof that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.    Many thanks to the Clinton County Foundation, who does amazing things to bring these projects to life for Clinton County residents, for putting their trust in us to fulfil the mission.  Through them, this project was awarded the  Health First and Legacy Grant  as a gateway to better the community and to promote healthy living.   Seeing all of the children at play already is fulfilling those goals.   Thanks to the Brian Mudd Foundation for choosing this project to be a grant recipient as well, leaving a legacy to enhance the quality of life for everyone .  A grant from ESI electrical contractors requested by Jim Burrows helped us to light up the court and provide safe play and security all around.   We cannot forget all the contractors  and individuals who donated their time, money and effort to help along the way.   Many thanks to all who supported our fundraiser events and the businesses who donated because you believed in this project.    We are excited to see what is revealed to us as the next great thing for Clarksville!!!!

If you would like to help, please consider donating.  You can donate via paypal or mail checks to PO Box 6, Clarksville OH 45113

basketball court done.jpg

Clarksville Basketball Court Restoration

Clarksville Village/Vernon Township Multi Court.  Ready for you to get your teams together to play basketball and/or pickleball.  Retractable nets are available for pickleball and if not set up you can call Harry Rager at 937-289-2121.     We are looking to get designated organizations involved in setting up teams and coaching opportunities for the youth of the community.

Some before pictures of the basketball court 

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