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A Time To Play

Well Folks, We have a playground! A dream came to life. A miracle of some proportion. Who would have thought that a little over a year ago in May 2019 when one man would approach Clarksville UMC about possibly building a playground on the corner property that the answer would be yes. Since then, we have witnessed miracle after miracle, yes after yes, with an outpouring of support and encouragement from community, local business, organizations, and individuals. I hope that you have been following us on Facebook watching as the park developed and seeing all the wonderful people who have been working to bring the park to life. I know that I speak for all of Clarksville, when I say Thank you for saying yes!

Clarksville community Park is your public park so go have some fun. Follow us on Facebook to see fun activities and programs that will be planned for Summer 2021. Get excited with us as we start to develop the gardens around the park. With all the challenges that we have faced in the past and especially with the year of 2020, let us focus on the future with a renewed spirit of community.

Now, it's time to play!!!!!!!!

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