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Pastor Jim Nathan, Harry Rager, Gary Jennings, Carol Carter, Aaron Carter, Patty Davis, Wade Hall, Kathy Rager, Carolyn Keenan, Alicia Chaney

Meet the Friends of Clarksville..... It's not just a group of people on another committee.... It is so much more. It is actually friends meeting with friends and dreaming together. Have you ever had a dream and you share it with someone else, only to have them rain on your parade of dreams? Take a look at these dreamers. They didn't let anything stop them from plowing forward with their dream to build a park. They worked together, planned together, dreamed together. They held each other up and kept the dream alive, and that is the true definition of a friend. The Friends group meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30. If you are interested in becoming a friend please contact us.

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