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Hints of Spring

..... I cannot wait until spring. To feel the warmth on your skin, smell the floral fragrance of the new buds, hear the merry song of the birds. There is a feeling of hope. Everything renewing. New life springing up all around us. But this year is even more exciting for me. The Friends group has worked diligently planning and raising money (with your help) to build a park for the community. We are so close to beginning this process. Just like a brand new season, our community will see new life and have the opportunity to grow forward. Seeing the yard being prepped for the new playground equipment will be the first signs of a "new season". Are you ready?

As we progress, there will be many opportunities to help. You can make a difference. If you are interested in helping the community you can contact the Friends group at You can find us and like us on

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