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Icing the cake

Laying Compost. Before you put that beautiful icing layer on a cake, you want to do a good crumb coating. This is the icing layer before the final layer. You don't have to get too fancy and worry if crumbs come through. It seals in all those crumbs that might get loose in the final coat of icing keeping that one little crumb from ruining your fancy design. So for me, laying the compost is that crumb coat. We are mixing in that good nutrient rich compost with the "cake" to help give the beautiful plants great food for their roots ensuring robust blooms that the bees and butterflies will love. The Clarksville Community Garden Club members have been hard at work planning for a beautiful garden at the park. Today, we finished the crumb coating and are getting ready for the icing on the cake. And, where there is cake, there is a party!

If you are interested in being part of this group please give them a shout. Visit them at their website:

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