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Redbuds in Bloom

April 28, 2021 , while at the Clarksville Community Park, check out the newly planted Ruby Falls Redbud donated by Berns Garden Center in Middletown Ohio.

The Redbud tree is a native tree to this area and it has a lot of beneficial properties.

It adds brilliant color in the early spring making it an attractive addition to any yard but they can reach between 20 to 30 feet high. The beautiful blooms will last 2 to 3 weeks. Because it is native, it is easy to care for. Many bees love the early blooms of the Redbud. Redbuds are also host plants for the larvae of several butterflies and moths. So these trees are a wonderful food source for our pollinators that are extremely beneficial for our planet.

​Speaking of food, You can also make Redbud Jelly! Yum! No wonder the bees love this beautiful tree. I hope that you do too.

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