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See you at the Park......

Friends of Clarksville group are so happy to announce that the initial phases of park construction will begin this summer. I cannot believe that this just started last year with a dream shared. This dream grew into a small group of individuals that decided to form a Friends group who wanted to make a positive impact in the Clarksville community. With the help of many many many individuals, organizations and Clinton County Health First grant, the children and folks of the Clarksville community will have a wonderful centralized community space to meet and build relationships. This is just the first project! Friends of Clarksville hope to impact Clarksville Community with other projects in the future, and we would love to hear your ideas on this. Completion of the park and the dedication of the Friends group shows that we are serious about making an impact, building our community, restoring hope and growing our future for a brighter tomorrow.

This is a 3D rendering of the initial phase that will begin this summer. The layout and fencing will look a little different. We still have a vision of additional equipment and natural native landscaping and additional fencing and lighting for safety, You will also have a little library so that you can read a book in the shade.

We still have the need for additional funding and we have an individual who has offered to match up to $10,000.00 of every dollar donated to help us obtain this goal. If you feel that this is something you can do, then know that what you are giving is being doubled and we will meet our goals much faster. You can donate on our website through pay-pal, on our facebook page or send checks to PO Box 6, Clarksville OH 45113.

See you at the Park!

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