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With a Little Help From Friends

Our friends at Caesar Creek Flea Market have chosen us to be their first recipients of funds given to a selected monthly Non-profit organization. We are very grateful for their generosity as we continue to work towards the goal of building a park in the center of Clarksville for the children. Please consider helping this important cause.

Select shops in aisle 2 offer a variety of items for purchase. Everything from furniture that is very nicely displayed and arranged, beautiful dishes and even a dollar store.

During the month of March, 25% of all purchases will benefit the Friends of Clarksville Playground Project!You can join the Market in supporting this great cause by: 1. Donating items to be sold in the Friendshop 2. Shopping in Aisle 2 3. Visiting the Friends of Clarksville display at the Market for more information on volunteering and becoming involved with this community organization.

Throughout the year, the Friendshop will be selecting a charity of choice each month to receive 25% of that month’s total sales from Aisle 2.For more information on donating items or about the Friendshop, please email or call the Market at 937-382-1661.

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